The ‘AGT’ live shows mean heartbreaking eliminations. Only 7 acts are moving on to the next round and some of your favorites must go home for good.

It’s getting down to the wire on America’s Got Talent. The quarterfinals are underway and that means some of your favorite acts won’t make it through to the semi-finals. During the season 14 live shows, only 7 acts can move forward. Right off the bat, host Terry Crews reveals the 3 acts that are up for the Dunkin’ Save: Ansley Burns, the Emerald Belles, and Sophie Pecora. Only one of these acts can be saved.

But first, a special performance but some AGT fan faves. Sophie Dossi, Brian King Joseph, and Bianca Ryan team up for one epic performance. AGT season 13 and Champions winner Shin Lim also hits the stage with Jay Leno to show off his amazing magic skills. There’s a reason why Shin won back-to-back! He’s absolutely captivating.

Two acts are brought up to the stage and one has to go home. Carmen Carter and Alex Dowis are first. Alex is moving on to the next round! Next up is Luke Islam and GFORCE. Julianne Hough’s Golden Buzzer is headed to the semi-finals. Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer Kodi Lee and Voices of Service go head to head next. After a long pause, Terry announces that both of the acts have made it through to the semi-finals.

The Messoudi Brothers, Bir Khalsa, and Greg Morton face off. America clearly loves the Messoudi Brothers because they are headed to the semi-finals. But it’s not over for Bir Khalsa and Greg Morton just yet. One of them is moving on to the semi-finals as well. America votes Greg Morton through!

There’s only one spot left and it’s the Dunkin’ Save. The act going through is none other than country princess Ansley Burns. She bursts into tears because she’s so happy. The second round of live shows will continue next week. The competition is heating up, that’s for sure.


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