As rumors swirl that she’s pregnant with Chris Brown’s second baby, a frustrated Ammika Harris clapped back at nosey fans while asking for some ‘love,’ ‘respect,’ and some privacy.

“I wish everyone could continue living their own life and stop assuming or speak about someone’s life like they know them personally,” Ammika Harris, 26, posted to her Instagram Stories on June 16, days after reports claimed she was pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby. Ammika didn’t confirm or deny the rumored bun in her oven, and her message basically told everyone to back off. “I grew up in a family where we minding (sic) our own business, respect other people’s life (sic), and show love always. PLEASE RESPECT MINE.”

So, don’t expect Ammika to spill the tea on whether or not Chris, 30, is about to become a father for the second time. Page Six reported that Ammika was pregnant with Chris’s child on June 14, with a source telling the publication that this rumored baby was the reason behind Breezy’s recent breakup with Indyamarie, 25. Before this shocking report, the couple had actually been stirring up baby rumors of their own. First, Chris got fans talking when he started referring to Ammika as his “baby mama” on Instagram, and he cranked this up a notch when she turned 26. Ammika posted on Instagram that she was “blessed with the most beautiful gift I could ever ask for,” leading some to think the “gift” was a baby. Then, Chris chimed in with, “BIG BIG BIG HAPPY BDAY TO THIS LOVELY WOMAN! HAVE FUN MOMMA.”

Now, at first, Chris calling Ammika his “Baby Mama” wasn’t literal, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in early May, before Ammika’s birthday. “It’s just his way of letting her know how into her he is. Of course, if it were to happen, Chris would be overjoyed. He adores Ammika and he loves being a dad. And they would sure have beautiful babies.” The source added that Chris’s “momma” imagery was just a way to tell her that she’s important to him since she lives in Germany and Chris lives in America.

While this source said that Chris was being affectionate, his friends had a different impression. While some in his crew thought that Chris was calling her that term because “they’re long distance and they were having some issues,” a source told HollywoodLife, “it’s getting to the point where his friends are starting to suspect that it’s true.” When anyone asks Chris about it, the source says, “he just gets this sly smile like he knows a secret.” Seems Chris also wants people to “mind their business” until he’s ready to let the cat out of the bag about the bun reportedly in Ammika’s oven.


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