Ariel Winter is ‘hiding from Mondays’ in the sexiest way, wearing a corset top and a tiny mini-skirt, flaunting her long bare legs.

Ariel Winter apparently isn’t a fan of Mondays, but she’s letting fans know about it while looking really hot. The 21-year-old actress shared a throwback photo to her Instagram on Mon. Nov. 25 bemoaning the start of the work week in a killer outfit. She’s seen seated in a makeup chair appearing to get ready for her Oct. 24 appearance on Ellen and is flaunting tons of flesh in a sexy off-white corset top and an itty-bitty mini-skirt. It matches the same color as her top but with light black plaid stripes through it. The skirt is so tiny as she’s seated that her long, bare legs are on display and it comes dangerously close to showing off the edge of her booty.

“Hiding from Monday morning like 👀 #mood,” she captioned the throwback pic. She’s seen with a sheer scarf covering her head so she must have dug around in her photo collection to find a pic that matched her “mood” about hiding from Mondays. From the looks of it Ariel was getting prepped for her Ellen appearance, as several palettes of makeup can be seen on the counter in front of her, along with a cup of coffee, phone and some hair care products.  Her brunette locks are definitely not camera ready yet and from what we can see of her face through the scarf, she’s about to get a glam job done. A basket of snacks is visible on a table in the background…that Ellen DeGeneres is so thoughtful when it comes to taking care of her guests.

When Ariel did appear on the show, the look was much more conservative as she added an oversized blazer that matched her skirt. Ellen actually wasn’t there that day as Stephen “tWitch” Boss filled in as guest host. He asked Ariel how she felt about Modern Family coming to an end, as the show is in it’s 11th and final season.

“It’s sad obviously. It’s not something that we want. We love each other and we love our show and we’d love to make many more,” Ariel revealed. “But it’s been 11 years and I think everybody is ready to do new things, but it’s obviously going to be really sad that we won’t get to see each other every week. We love the cast, we love the crew, we have the best…and it’s been like half my life.” Ariel noted that she was 11 when the show began and she’ll be 22 when it ends.


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