Aubrey Plaza revealed during her ‘Ellen’ interview that she slid into the Instagram DMs of Joe Jonas asking him for tickets so she could take her sister to the their Vegas concert and it worked!

No amount of humiliation can embarrass Aubrey Plaza, 35, and she proved that when she shared her hilarious story of asking Joe Jonas, 30, for tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert in Vegas! Aubrey confessed during the Jan. 16 episode of Ellen that after she had taken her sister to a Jonas Brothers concert and went for a meet-and-greet backstage, Joe Jonas tagged Aubrey in his Instagram story, prompting Aubrey to follow him back on the social media platform.

Once the two celebs were following each other, that initiated a request from Aubrey’s younger sister, Renee, to ask for a favor. “She wanted to go to Vegas to go to their concert,” Aubrey shared. “So she called me and was like, ‘My dream is to go to their concert in Vegas for my birthday.’” Naturally, Aubrey was ready to make her sister’s dream a reality.

“I was like, ‘Done,’” Aubrey said of immediately deciding to gift her sister exactly what she wanted for her birthday. “I’m going to creepily DM Joe,” the Parks and Recreation alum decided. “So, I DMed him,” she revealed. And the response actually shocked her! “So then he responded to me right away…and said, ‘I got you, girl. I got you in!’”

Of course, Aubrey wanted to play the whole thing cool. Instead of asking Joe for details, she and her sister simply showed up to the venue in Vegas — with Aubrey wearing a Witch’s cloak — and had no problem getting in at all! What came after, however, took the pair’s friendship to a whole new level.

“They were awesome. They got us right back stage,” Aubrey said of the Jo Bros. “And we became part of their entourage!” Yes, you read that exactly right! Aubrey went on to explain how she and her sister followed the trio, in caravan style, to clubs throughout Vegas following their performance. She even shared a photo with host Ellen DeGeneres of her sneakily peering over Joe’s shoulder in a photo which also featured magician David Copperfield.

It was really quite a crew. “I don’t know why, but David Copperfield and I were part of the Jonas Brothers’ entourage for hours.” Ellen, who sat listening and giggling throughout the story, wrapped up the portion of the interview saying, “It’s a great story!” Honestly, we completely agree. Check out the full clip above to see the interview!


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