From overalls to crop tops, there are plenty of iconic ’90s trends that have made a comeback. But one of our favorite revived looks is the scrunchie! Hailey Baldwin, Dakota Johnson and more stars have worn the hair accessory lately.

With the onset of summer, we’ve been dying to find ways to keep cool – but sometimes wearing shorts and t-shirts just isn’t enough. If you’re not looking to get a bob haircut this season, you’re likely looking for a way to keep your long locks off the back of your neck. The best news is there’s a super cute way to do that – and it’s something you definitely used in your childhood, too. As with most ’90s fashion trends, the scrunchie is officially back in style and we couldn’t be more thrilled to put our hair up with the oversized hair ties.

Scrunchies are beloved by plenty of the biggest tastemakers today. Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin had a twinning moment (much like you and your bestie back in the 3rd grade) when they showed up at a Levi’s brunch during Coachella 2018 both wearing scrunchies in their hair. The models made sure the piece stood out by opting for colors that contrasted with their hair; Bella wore a white one in her brunette hair while Hailey rocked a black one in her blonde locks.

dakota johnson

But even if you do have short hair, you don’t need to miss out on this trend! Stars like Dakota Johnson and Jason Momoa have turned the scrunchie into cute bracelets by wearing them around their wrists. (They look way better than the standard black tie that you normally wear on your wrist!) Dakota donned a navy one with her strapless Gucci jumpsuit for the 2019 Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 23. The following day, Jason hit up the Academy Awards wearing a light pink one by Fendi that perfectly matched his feminine colored suit by the same designer. Head up to the gallery above to see how even more stars have styled scrunchies!


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