Happy Friday to us all. BTS members J-Hope and V have teamed up with Zara Larsson for the song ‘A Brand New Day’ and it is a total bop.

“A Brand New Day” is the second song available from the BTS WORLD original soundtrack. The track was released on June 14 and is available to stream now. The epic new song from BTS members J-Hope and V features Zara Larsson as well. “A Brand New Day” gives off major summer vibes. The song was produced by British hip-hop electronic music producer and beat maker Mura Masa. The catchy track features East Asian musical instrumentation and the Korean traditional musical instrument daegeum leads the song, highlighting the most Korean yet trendy sound. J-Hope, V, and Zara’s vocals are flawless.

The song is another hit for the ARMY. “A Brand New Day” immediately started trending on Twitter after its release, with the hashtag #ABrandNewDayOutNow and #VOPE trending. “VOPE” is the combination of J-Hope and V’s name. “The lyrics are so beautiful and the flute sounds so nice with Taehyung and Zara harmonising and Hobi rapping. A bop,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote, “A BRAND NEW DAY IS A MASTERPIECE!”

“A Brand New Day” is an original song created for BTS WORLD, the mobile game that the K-pop group is dropping on June 25. The first song off the soundtrack, “Dream Glow,” was released on June 7. The third song will be released on June 21. The full soundtrack will be unveiled on June 28.

With the release of “A Brand New Day,” BTS WORLD’s “Another Story” was revealed. Each member of BTS appears as the main character, through its official website. Two stories of RM and Jin were opened on June 10 and 12, and more stories of other members will come sequentially. BTS WORLD is truly a gift to every BTS fan out there!


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