Sorry, Jackie O. It’s Melania T now, according to President Trump, who compared his wife to the former FLOTUS in a new interview. Twitter’s not exactly cool with letting this catch on.

While discussing his desire to repaint Air Force One, President Donald Trump acknowledged that many Americans are fond of the current design, because former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis created it. However, he said that era’s over — now that we have his wife, Melania Trump. “We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T,” Trump said during an interview with Fox & Friends on June 14. The current FLOTUS has channeled the iconic Jackie O in the past, seemingly channeling one of her iconic looks by wearing a powder blue outfit and matching gloves for her husband’s inauguration in January 2017. Trump’s flattering comparison between his wife and the wife of late president John F. Kennedy drew ire on Twitter.

Dozens of people tweeted out the photo of Melania wearing her “I really don’t care do u?” jacket, stressing that Jackie O never would have done such a thing. “Jackie O was the epitome of grace & beauty. She overcame a plethora of hardships & heartaches, with poise and elegance. She was an incredible First Lady & an even more marvelous woman. She balanced passions + duties, and did so with class. Don’t EVER compare her to Melania,” one outraged voter tweeted. “It’s pathetic that Trump is trying to ‘brand’ his wife ‘Melania T’ as the “new Jackie O” Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wasn’t just a style icon— she was responsible for the historical restoration of the White House She made WH events celebrations of American art, music + culture,” wrote another.

Others pointed out that Jackie didn’t gain the “O” until… her husband, the president, was assassinated and she re-married years later: “Do you think [Trump] realizes Jackie O was called that because of the man she married after the President? So maybe we should wait and see who Melania marries next before giving her a nickname.”

Trump also commended his wife for her feminine style during his Fox & Friends interview, mentioning her infamous “disaster heels” that she wore on trips to Hurricane-ravaged Texas in 2017. “When I go speak in big crowds, we have tremendous crowds and so many people are holding up banners,” which say “we love high heels,” Trump said.


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