Drake was beyond excited when the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 of the NBA Finals, and couldn’t help but drag the Warriors while giving a speech about the win!

That settles it: the Drake Curse is officially over! The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals 114 — 110 against the Golden State Warriors, marking their first championship win ever. And nobody was more excited about the momentous occasion than Drake himself. The “In My Feelings” rapper gave a passionate speech from Toronto after Game 6 from Toronto, barely containing himself while speaking about the historic win. “Listen, this is just poetic. Look at everything happening. The 606, Kyle Lowry with the [championship] ring. Kawhi Leonard bringing the ‘ship to the city… That dynasty’s over! That’s all I know,” Drake said, throwing a little shade at the Warriors, who just got denied a three-peat championship title by his beloved team.

“Tonight,  love to Toronto,” Drake said, getting event more amped up. During his speech, Drake couldn’t keep his eyes off the TV, watching the Raptors celebrate on the Warriors’ turf at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. “It’s not about the NBA; you know what it means. You can turn your cameras up to the screen and know what it means. We did this all with heart. We did this all for love. We willed this into existence — we manifested this! Look at my brothers up there celebrating.” He added, “You see what my hat says? Not Finals or Eastern Conference. Not ‘nice try,’ or ‘see you next year.’ It says “Champions!”

You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought Drake was the Raptors’ coach after hearing all of this “we” talk. It’s cute how excited he is about the win. Drake has been the team’s #1 supporter for years, and now he’s witnessed them make history. At least Drake knows how his wild speech was going to be received. He told the reporters, “I told you the first time: people like to make memes. Make another meme out of this. It’s beautiful.”

Drake added during his speech that he’s “praying for” Warriors star and friend Kevin Durant, who suffered a devastating achilles injury during Game 5, and Big Papí, aka former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz, who was shot at a club in the Dominican Republican. He is currently recovering in Boston.


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