Could there be a future for Evelyn Lozada and Rob Kardashian after their flirty Twitter exchange? She’s opening up about whether or not she sees potential with him in this new interview!

Rob Kardashian, 32, and Evelyn Lozada, 43, sent Twitter into a frenzy with their raunchy messages to each other earlier this week, and the Basketball Wives star was asked all about it during an interview with The Breakfast Club on June 20. “I think Rob is a nice guy,” she said. “I really, really do.” When one of the hosts pointed out that “that’s a f***ed up way of turning someone down,” and someone else added, “[There’s] too much drama,” Evelyn did admit that “there’s a lot going on” with the 32-year-old. However, in the end, she confirmed that she “would go on a date” with Rob.

“He’s a nice guy,” she gushed. “I feel like he has potential for greatness and I hope he really keeps kicking ass in the gym. Because I think he’s a nice looking man.” She also made sure to point out that Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner63, is dating a much younger man, Corey Gamble, 38, so Rob can totally “date older!” Meanwhile, when the hosts warned Evelyn that getting involved with Rob would mean getting involved with his famous family, she had no qualms. “I like the family!” she said. “I feel like the family is cool.” To that, someone responded, “Until they turn on you!” However, Evelyn is confident she could win them over. “I’m a good person, so that wouldn’t happen,” she confirmed.

The flirtation between Rob and Evelyn went down on June 16, when she tweeted — seemingly out of the blue — “Rob Kardashian has a big sausage,” with a goofy-faced emoji. He retweeted her message with an even dirtier response: “And you a squ***er.”

If Evelyn really does want to get involved with Rob, though, she may have to get in line — because he’s been exchanging flirty tweets with Natti Natasha for weeks now! His relationship status with the singer is unclear, and Khloe Kardashian revealed that even she has no idea what’s going on with them. “Rob, who is this girl!?!” she asked him on the social media site over the weekend.

Considering Rob lives a pretty private life, we’ll probably have to wait some time before we get any confirmation on what’s really going on, but he definitely seems to be enjoying his time on Twitter these days!


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