Gabrielle Union’s daughter is only 10 months old but even she knows to be wary of Friday the 13th. The actress shared a video of Kaavia having a mini-freakout that something spooky was up.

Friday the 13th being bad omen is just a myth, but it’s one that Gabrielle Union got 10-month-old daughter Kaavia to buy into. The 46-year-old actress shared and Instagram video on Sept. 13 of her little one getting freaked out by something. She’s holding her daughter in the backyard of their L.A. home as ominous music plays over the Instagram video. She says “oooh” a couple of times as Kaavia turns her head back and forth to look at something behind her with a big eyed expression.

“When its Friday the 13th and you don’t trust NOBODY!!! 👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾 #ShadyBaby,” Gabrielle captioned the video. From the looks of it, something in the backyard pool had Kaavia’s attention. But the way she seemed to have a mini-meltdown checking over both of her shoulders repeatedly over it is absolutely adorable.

Fans thought so as well. Daddy Dwyane Wade, 37, left “😂😂😂😂” emojis in the comments.  One fan wrote “😂😂😂😂 thats right niece, check your front, back and side for anything out of the ordinary.” Another commented “She said “Mom its time to get the hell out of here sis!” One user harkened back to the Friday the 13th movie killer Jason Voorhees, writing “😅Jason gotta be very afraid of #shadybaby.” “I would be looking around too, keep her intuitive Gab😄,” another wrote.

While Kaavia was busy getting worried over something over her shoulder, her mommy looked so beautiful. Gabrielle didn’t have any makeup on is still so stunning. She had her hair tied down in two long braids on either sides of her head. She had on a pretty pink and blue top while Kaavia wore a white sun dress with black dotted palm tree patterns that we’ve seen her wear before.


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