HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with ‘Grand Hotel’ star Anne Winters about Ingrid’s arc after her miscarriage. Anne revealed that Ingrid’s ‘world crashes a little bit more’ and hinted at more backstory between Ingrid and Mateo.

Ingrid hasn’t had it easy these past few weeks on Grand Hotel. Not only did Javi find out that her baby wasn’t his, thus ending their relationship, Ingrid lost her the baby in the wake a freak accident at The Finn. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Anne Winters at the ABC Summer TCA Party on Aug. 5 about where Ingrid goes from here. “I mean, her whole world kind of crashes. I mean it already crashed before with Javi, but this is her really big low because it’s the only thing that’s been keeping her going, it’s the only thing she’s been focusing on and wanting to fix,” Anne said. “She’s been wanting to make sure that the baby’s safe and that she has money for the baby, and now that that’s over she kind of goes through a crisis. You’re going to see what happens, but her world crashes a little bit more.”

Fans are still holding out hope that Javi and Ingrid could find their way back to each other, but Anne teased a reconciliation may not be in the cards at the moment. “I think that they fell for each other, but for Ingrid, it’s really hard to get into a relationship after that,” Anne continued. “I mean, she really did mess it up. So I think that at this point, saying sorry is really all that she can do. I can’t give away what happens to them in the future, but I will say that she still has Jason and she still has Mateo still somehow wrapped up in her life.” She did add that Ingrid’s connection to Mateo will be explored. “You kind of see a little bit more of us and our background a little bit later on, so that’s going to be fun to see, too,” Anne said. By the season 1 finale, Anne admitted that Ingrid’s love triangle will “resolve itself.”

As far as the mystery surrounding Sky’s disappearance, Anne revealed that she thinks Ingrid, who was Sky’s roommate, is truly innocent. “I think she really is truthful,” Anne said. “I think that Ingrid really doesn’t know too much about her. I think Sky really did keep to herself and they worked at the same hotel. Ingrid doesn’t have a lot of money, so she probably tried to borrow her car, get rides to work, or whatever. Other than that, I wish I could say Ingrid just completely knew about everything but she really doesn’t know what’s going on.”

What happened to Sky will be revealed by the end of the season. Anne couldn’t tease much, but she did say, “It’s nothing that I expected. When I read the script I was like, ‘What? Nuh-uh.’ I would have never guessed.” Grand Hotel airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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