Irv Gotti and Charli Baltimore are putting the past behind them in this ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: New York’ EXCLUSIVE preview. Irv wants to bring Charli on tour and she’s totally down to do it.

Charli Baltimore is one of the greatest female rappers,” Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 12 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. “[She] had a lot of hit records with Murder Inc. When I got out of the business and everyone went their own paths, there was some tension between me and Charli. The tension that I had with her has a gangster element to it that I do not want to discuss but we got past it and we great again.”

He calls Charli up to discuss their next moves. He tells her that they’re going to do a concert at Barclays in Brooklyn to open up the tour and they’ll be going overseas as well. “That’s dope,” Charli says. Irv says he’ll talk to the rest of the group and stresses that he “wants to make it good with everyone.” Charli reveals she’s totally down for the tour.

“I’m excited and nervous about doing the Murder Inc. tour,” Charli says. “At the time that Irv and I stopped speaking, I was just totally done with him and the drama, you know, got super intense. I think it kind of hurt us both because we were both so such good friends. You know, sometimes things have to happen for people to come back at a later time and fall into place.”

The synopsis for the Sept. 12 episode reads: “Drama hits the fan at YDB’s birthday when his baby mama grills his side chick Da’Zyna. A fight breaks out and Madina goes ballistic. Lil Mama faces the wrath of her dad. Charli Baltimore’s daughter Siaani lands in NYC to pursue her DJ career.” Growing Up Hip Hop: New York airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.


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