It’s a big day for Nicki Minaj! The rapper celebrates her 37th birthday on Dec. 8, and in honor of the big day, we’re taking a look back at some of her sexiest looks ever!

Nicki Minaj is never afraid to show some skin — even when it comes to walking the biggest red carpets. The rapper has totally mastered the art of the red carpet over the years, and we love how she takes bold fashions risks every time she steps out at public events. Over the years, Nicki has rocked so many sexy styles on the red carpet, and in honor of her 37th birthday on Dec. 8, we rounded up her hottest of all time!

In 2018, Nicki attended the MTV Video Music Awards, and she looked seriously sexy in a nude-colored bodysuit, which was covered in sheer fabric that formed a skirt and to the floor. The fabric gave the illusion that she was somewhat covered up, but really, her legs and backside were on full display, and she looked FIERCE. At the same event one year earlier, Nicki stepped out onto the red carpet in a pink latex bodysuit. The sexy outfit hugged her curves in all the right ways. Only Nicki could rock such a sexy look and pull it off!

Nicki is all about a sexy sheer look. She’s truly one the celebs who keeps the look so in style. At a 2016 Tidal concert, Nicki wowed in a completely sheer black bodysuit. She had her lady parts covered with nipple pasties and underwear, but that’s all! Obviously, it was a super revealing look, but Nicki oozed confidence as she posed for photos in the ensemble.

nicki minaj

There are plenty of more amazing looks where these came from! Click through the gallery above to check out some of our favorite red carpet looks of Nicki’s over the years!


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