Kim Kardashian is the most supportive wife ever, which means she’s often spotted out wearing clothing from her husband, Kanye West’s, Yeezy clothing line — and she always looks amazing!

Kanye West turns 42 today, June 8, and in honor of his big day, we’re celebrating two of his biggest passions: His Yeezy clothing line…and Kim Kardashian! Kim wears Yeezy clothes quite often, and she pulls them off like nobody else can. From skintight spandex shorts, to crop tops and even sweats, along with the clear heels, of course, Kim favors Yeezy for her street style, and we’ve rounded up some of her hottest looks in the outfits designed by Kanye in the gallery above!

As much as Kim loves to wear Yeezy looks, she also loves to model them. In the past, Kanye didn’t even use advertising campaigns for some of his collections — instead, he had Kim wear them out and about in places she knew she’d be photographed by paparazzi. Like most paparazzi pics of Kim, the photos were widely reported on, which was all the advertising ‘Ye needed!

One time, Kim even traveled all the way to Japan with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, just to model Yeezy looks in another city. Two Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes were focused on the trip, and showed Kim putting LOTS of thought into all the looks and photo locations.

kim kardashian

Kim also often posts photos of herself on Instagram wearing different item of Yeezy clothing, and she’s always so supportive of her husband. Check out her best Yeezy looks of all-time by clicking through the gallery above, and keep an eye out to see what she does to make sure Kanye has the best birthday ever!


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