Sony will not deny the Tom Holland and Venom 2 rumors. At the end of 2019, it was reported that Holland was in talks to jump on board the sequel. None of the actor’s representatives commented on the matter and then the holidays happened. With that being said, it’s beginning to look a lot like Holland’s Spider-Man will be teaming up with Tom Hardy, at the very least, for a cameo in the sequel, which began shooting late last year.

When asked about the Venom 2 rumors before the holidays, Sony would not comment on the matter, which usually means something is going on. Tom Holland was wanted in the first Venom, but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige was reportedly not into the idea at the time. However, Sony and Marvel Studios just renegotiated their deal over the summer, and it looks like there may have been some extras thrown in Sony’s direction to keep Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios will have a presence in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, which begins production this summer. From there, we will see Tom Holland in at least one more MCU movie, while Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will act as a producer on the third Spider-Man installment. Marvel Studios and Disney will also receive around 25% of the profits, according to sources close to the situation. Disney will retain its merchandising rights and will put up about a quarter of the financing. All in all, it sounds like a pretty good deal for everybody involved, which is more than likely where the Venom 2 talk came into play.

Sony has not been shy in revealing their intentions to bring Spider-Man into the world of Venom over the past several months. Tom Holland will probably have a small cameo in Venom 2, which will likely set up something larger for the third installment, or maybe even something else. Whatever the case may be, Marvel fans have wanted to see Holland and Tom Hardy together on the big screen for a long time now. It was originally rumored that Holland was spotted on the set of the first installment, though it may have only been for a friendly chat.

Venom 2 will roar into theaters towards the end of the year, possibly with a darker tone than the first installment. It is believed that Tom Hardy was not really into the tone of the first movie and wants the sequel to be darker with an R-rating. After the success of Joker and the Deadpool franchise, it’s looking like Sony’s Marvel division will go in that direction too. This has yet to be officially confirmed, but it does seem likely, along with the Tom Holland cameo. Discussing Film editor-in-chief Jacob Fisher’s Twitter account was the first to reveal that Sony is not denying the Tom Holland reports.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb


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