Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are going to be throwing a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot party at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The director teased back in April that he was going to be bringing some early footage of the long awaited sequel down to the annual event, but he might be bringing something bigger. Details are scarce at the moment, but Smith did just reveal that the movie is about to go into the sound mixing stage, which means it’s nearing completion.

It isn’t clear where and when the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot panel will take place or who will attend it with Kevin Smith with Jason Mewes. Rosario Dawson, Jason Lee, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Long, and Shannon Elizabeth all have cameos in the movie, so it is possible any of them, or the many others in the movie, could show up. As for the footage, Smith might actually have a completed version of the movie ready to screen by the time Comic-Con rolls around later next month. Smith does have his Hall H responsibilities to present the An Evening with Kevin Smith panel, so this will more than likely be where everything occurs.

Kevin Smith has not set a release date for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot yet, but he was originally aiming for a fall release. While that definitely sounds feasible at the moment, it seems a studio would want to already be promoting the release date. However, that’s what the Comic-Con panel could be all about. Smith has yet to reveal any of his plans for the annual event, other than the fact that he’ll be there and he’ll be doing an episode of his podcast and the annual Hall H appearance.

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Whatever the case may be, Kevin Smith is almost finished with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot after what seemed like a very quick production process. Shooting would take place during the week and Smith would spend his weekends doing early edits. By the time shooting was almost complete, the director revealed he already had a rough cut complete, which just goes to show just how important Jay & Silent Bob Reboot means to him.

In addition to the many cameos, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will feature a tribute to the late great Stan Lee. Many already assumed this would be the case, but Smith just confirmed it. Now that the director is bringing the highly anticipated sequel to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s only a matter of time before we end up getting some more information. Smith is a big deal at the annual event and his fans are looking forward to seeing what he has cooked up this time with the return of his two beloved characters. Deadline was the first to report the news about Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.


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