Jessica Alba’s wholesome Twitter page took a dark turn on July 28 when it was hacked & overrun by a series of hateful, racist messages.

Jessica Alba’s Twitter account filled with a slew of racist and homophobic tweets on July 28 after it was reportedly hacked. The Honest Company founder generally keeps her social media pages pretty PG, but after her account was taken over at some point on Sunday, it was filled with ugly and degrading messages. One message read; “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong And That’s On God N–a,” while another post read; “ugh police sirens in the distance again. When will n–s stop committing crimes so I can get some f–king sleep.” Other messages included offers to pay $50,000 to kill handicapped homosexuals.

One of the messages that appeared on the 38-year-old actress’ account appeared to show support for incarcerated rapper YNW Melly. “Free My Ni**a YNW Melly That Ni**a Way Too Talented For Jail,” one of the Twitter messages said.  Thankfully, the messages have since been removed from the star’s social media account. The most recent tweet now dates back to July 20, and depicts the actress having a fun-loving night out with friends.

Fans were surprised to see Jessica’s page get hacked of all people, when there’s a number of controversial stars who the hacker could have taken aim at. “When you had the chance to hack [Donald] Trump you go and pick Jessica Alba out of all people,” one person tweeted after seeing the news. “You have the power to hack anyone and you chose jessica alba this is all so random i cant breathe,” another person wrote. “Jessica Alba did not carry the entire Fantastic Four franchise on her back to get hacked in her sleep while she was just trying to sell us multi-vitamins,” yet another user joked.

The Fantastic Four star is quite the social media aficionado, but has admitted in the past that she likes to keep certain moments private. “I’m fine if people want to air their dirty laundry online, but people know enough about me,” she told Redbook in 2018. “I make mistakes all the time…and sometimes when I get together with my friends, we’ll reflect on how we’ve made similar good and bad decisions. It’s like, ‘Yeah, that was humbling.’ Then you move on and have a glass of wine.” Let’s hope that in addition to privacy, she enjoys a hacker-free account in the future.


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