An image of Justin Bieber falling off his unicycle has now escalated into an invite to a ‘face-off’ with John Cena. The wrestling sensation challenged Justin to ‘go through the whole song and dance’!

John Cena, 42, has invited Justin Bieber, 25, to take their fight from the meme to the ring. The WWE star made the callout on the Jan. 15 episode of The Talk, after the show brought up the aforementioned meme: a picture of Justin, about to faceplant off his unicycle, edited into a wrestling wring with John himself. Seeing that Justin shared the meme to his Instagram on Jan. 8, co-host Carrie Ann Inaba had to ask, “If Justin is looking for a piece of John Cena in the ring, what would you say?” It seemed like John had been rehearsing for this moment.

“OK, the interview is going to take a little bit of a turn. Justin Bieber, if that is even your real name…” John began, dramatically turning to the camera. “I know you’re going to see me in Dolittle, but if you see me on the streets, we’ll do far from little.” Brilliant wordplay AND a shameless movie plug — John is a man of many talents. You can hear his voice as Yoshi the polar bear in the fantasy animal movie starring Robert Downey Jr., which arrives in theaters on Jan. 17!

John had more words for the Biebs. “Yeah, that’s right,” he continued. “If it’s a face-off you want, you can find me at WrestleMania, we’ll go through the whole song and dance, which pretty much means – you serenading me with your beautiful voice and then teaching me how to dance.” Aww, John is a sweetheart after all.

This wasn’t the wrestling sensation’s first time addressing Justin over their unicycle accident-turned-wrestling meme! “There is a lesson to be learned in every failure (unicycles included!!). The lesson here may be U didn’t C ME!” John teased in a tweet on Jan. 6. Of course, the 17-time WWE champion didn’t actually want to tussle with the pop star. “Congratulations on the new single! @JustinBieber,” he added, referring to Justin’s comeback song “Yummy” that dropped on Jan. 3.

Justin actually ejected from his unicycle seat in Oct. 2019, but he reminded fans of the accident with a string of memes on Jan. 6. There’s Justin being abducted into a spaceship, jumping off a diving board, being eaten by a dinosaur and, our favorite, being picked up by a toy claw machine. Meanwhile, Hailey Baldwin’s favorite photo is the original paparazzi photo of the accident. “You know this is my favorite photo,” the model wrote under Justin’s post. We think The Cenation Leader would agree.


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