Social media can be very telling, & Kaitlyn Carter said it all when she ‘liked’ a fan comment that gushed about how ‘happy’ she makes Miley Cyrus.

There’s no denying that Miley Cyrus, 26, and Kaitlynn Carter, 30, looked very happy when they were spotted smooching in Italy, and Kaitlynn appeared to co-sign that notion on social media. The ex of Brody Jenner, 35, hit the ‘like’ button a fan comment that praised her relationship with Miley. “Just wanted to let u know that u don’t deserve all this hate from people who claim to be Miley’s ‘fans’!” the account wrote below one of Kaitlynn’s pics. “U and Miley have every right to do what ever u want! If u make Miley happy then I like u! Miley’s happiness and mental health is all that matters.” Then — fans couldn’t help but notice Kaitlynn co-signed the message!

The show of support comes after Kaitlynn and Miley reunited in LA and were seen for the first time since their Lake Como getaway on Aug. 14. The pair were spotted in a car together as Miley took the wheel and Kaitlynn rode in the passenger seat. The two stars cruised around Los Angeles and were pictured mid-conversation. In the photos, Miley appeared to be demonstrating something to Brody’s ex-wife as she playfully pinched her. Whether they’re an item or not, there’s no doubt that these two have taken their relationship to U.S. soil!

Meanwhile, Kaitlynn isn’t the only one making telling social media moves. Brody’s mom, Linda Thompson, raised eyebrows on Instagram by liking comments that claimed Carter was looking for attention by kicking it with Miley and kissing her in public. “Speechless is right! When you are married to Brody or Liam, I mean some of the best looking guys on this planet. What the heck?!” one comment that Linda double tapped.

Kaitlynn Carter Instagram
Of course, fans were shocked to see Miley and Kaitlynn locking lips in the same week that the pop star called it quits with Liam Hemsworth on August 10, but hey — these two DO seem pretty happy. See the comment that Kaitlynn co-signed for yourself, above!


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