Kate Gosselin said sayonara to her matchmaker during the June 24 episode of ‘Kate Plus Date’, after Rachel set her up with someone who was completely wrong for her.

After one pretty successful date during the June 24 episode of Kate Plus Date, Kate Gosselin was paired up with Andrew, a man in his 40s who works in medical sales. And while he seemed like a nice guy at face value, he was completely different than the first guy Kate met this week. For starters, they could barely find anything to talk about during a dinner date. “Her hands are back in front of her face,” Kate’s relationship expert Rachel DeAlto, who was watching the date unfold from behind the scenes, said. “She looks completely disinterested. Her body language is pretty much saying that.”

“I can’t even tell if he’s interested in her or if he’s just flat,” Rachel added. “But it’s awkward.” To be honest, awkward was an understatement. Kate and Andrew barely talked to each other during their dinner together. There were several awkward pauses and he asked her about sports teams. He, however, didn’t think there was anything weird about all the long pauses. After the date, Andrew said, “I just felt that’s where the date was. It was just getting to know someone, and silence is part of that. I don’t think it affected the date either way.”

Kate felt differently. She told producers, “So I thought maybe he would be himself at dinner, but that wasn’t the case. Weird, crazy awkward. I don’t know if it looked painful, but I was aware that it felt so painful. I mean, I’m not at a loss for words, ever. But it was so hard to come up with stuff because anything I asked or said, I got like, one, maybe two word answers and no expounding upon it. Then it was like, back to you again, Kate!”

After the “crazy awkward” date came to a close, Kate fired her matchmaker in hopes of finding better luck with another expert. To see if she ends up being right, watch new episodes of Kate Plus Date on Mondays at 10pm on TLC!


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