The Killer Therapy trailer is finally here. Fitness guru turned filmmaker Barry Jay is back with a new horror story. Jay previously released the highly acclaimed Ashes in July and went straight to work on his latest offering, which is one of the most buzzed about titles at this year’s AFM. Jay was able to convince some horror icons to join the cast of his latest project including Return of the Living Dead alum Thom Mathews and Adrienne King from Friday the 13th.

In addition to Thom Mathews and Adrienne King, Killer Therapy also stars P.J. Soles (Halloween), Daeg Faerch (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Michael Qeliqi, Elizabeth Keener, and Ivy George. The movie explores the disturbing thoughts and ensuing therapy sessions of a young man named Brian, who doesn’t seem to have gotten what he needed from his life-long therapy sessions. Things get ugly pretty quickly in the first look at the movie.

Brian is a disturbed child with sociopathic tendencies dealing with a father who doesn’t love him, a mother unconvinced of his violent nature, and a newly adopted sister he believes is there to replace him. After a series of escalating violent incidents, he is bounced around from failed therapist to failed therapist, maturing into a young man still unable to escape his anger issues. When his life eventually falls apart by his own choices, Brian blames his series of failed therapists, embracing his dark nature and taking his revenge on everyone who ever wronged him – one by one, finally understanding that accepting who you are inside can be the best therapy.

In a recent interview, Barry Jay was asked about what makes Killer Therapy different from Ashes. One of the first notable things he did differently was his choice of camera. Ashes was shot on the Canon 5D and the latest movie is shot on Canon C300, which is a 4K cinema camera. The higher quality camera allowed Jay and editor Dustin Fine get a little crazier with the editing process, which makes sense. Another change this time was getting to work with some of his favorite actors from the horror genre.

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Barry Jay, founder of the world-renowned Barry’s Bootcamp, made his directorial debut last year with a script he wrote, Ashes, which was released July 2019 by 1091 Media. It seems that Jay has the horror bug and is going to continue to write and direct feature-length projects for the next foreseeable future, while also still taking classes at Barry’s Bootcamp. He is putting his focus on directing after retiring from the fitness business for now and horror fans are more than likely waiting to see what he has up his sleeve for Killer Therapy. So far, the response has been good, which means he’ll probably start working on his next project soon. You can check out the Killer Therapy trailer above, thanks to the OC Trailers YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb


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