With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your date night look & luckily, Kylie Jenner’s hairstylist, Cash Lawless, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, about the best hairstyles to wear & how to get the look!

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to wear your hair this Valentine’s Day, look no further because celebrity hairstylist, Cash Lawless, whose clients include Kylie Jenner, 22, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the top hairstyles you should try for the upcoming holiday. Cash spoke to HollywoodLife at the Leandro Limited launch event in NYC on Jan. 9, about Valentine’s Day hairstyles and the hottest hair trends of 2020.

As for the ideal Valentine’s Day hairstyle, Cash revealed, “That’s completely up to you. I would never want to rob anyone of their creative style there, but for the people that I work with, I am all about the hairstyle that makes you feel most confident and allows you to forget about your hair. I think if you’re going out for Valentine’s Day, you want to have fun, remember it, relate to the person you’re with, and make a genuine connection with the person you’re with. It’s all about relationship and I think the best way to be present with someone is to have something that allows you to forget about yourself and that allows you to feel like it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and you don’t have to be moving it over your shoulder. I feel you should go for a style that would make you feel self-forgetful almost, where you’re so comfortable in it, whether that’s your frizzy hair or whether that’s a ponytail or whatever, wear that. Wear whatever allows you to forget about your hair and focus on the experience you’re having.”

As for some hairstyles that Cash created at the event, he gave model, Nina Agdal, 27, gorgeous waves that would be perfect for date night. “I went with something a little more romantic and glamorous. I went with a really polished wavy style with a center part because she had come up with this tool that was really unique, the parting tool, which I wound up finding genius because I’ve had several clients who have come to me and been like, ‘I want a perfect center part,’ and it takes forever. This tool kind of solved that super quickly,” Cash explained about the new Leandro Limited Tokyo Tort Parting Tool.

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner’s hairstylist, Cash Lawless, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the Leandro Limited launch, about the best Valentine’s Day hairstyles. (ENT/SPLASH / SplashNews.com)

Another hairstyle Cash showcased was, as he described, a “downtown New York girl who doesn’t have to do her hair, where people just say, ‘Oh my God, you have amazing hair,’ rather than ‘you did a great job on your hair.’” To get that style, Cash revealed, “We used some accessories from the Leandro Line, which are the chrome bobby pins which I loved, and put three of those in a really cool pattern, but also gave her these nineties twists on the side, which I felt was a really, really cool, fun detail. Then I wound up doing something I’ve never done before. Some of the Leandro tools just look really chic, so I put four of these claw clips in her hair and it just wound up looking really cool, so I left them. I thought that was really awesome that they made a tool that looks so good, you can just leave it in your hair and no one would know that it’s not a hair accessory.”

When it comes to the hottest hair trends of 2020, Cash predicts, “Big, big hair is back – and big curls. I think one of the biggest trends that I’m seeing happening right now is people embracing the textures that they are given and really working with what they have, as well as finding the tools that suit them and not fighting against what they have. I feel like we’re in a culture right now that is quite a bit more open-minded than it has been in the past, so people are feeling a little more adventurous and comfortable with finding out, ‘what does my hair want to do and how can I just make that better?’ So, I think one of those is curly-haired girls, which is the most challenging hair, and I want to encourage people out there with curly hair, that yes, you’ve got different curl patterns. It’s just an era where different textures are being embraced and now people are coming up with solutions for these things. So I think Leandro has done a great job in creating tools, especially their round brushes, that really works with all kinds of different textures.”


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