Maci Bookout has already had the hard conversations with son Bentley about his father Ryan Edwards’ arrests. She wants to make sure her son doesn’t hear about it from anyone else.

Ryan Edwardstroubling arrest history is something that his 10-year-old son Bentley is sadly aware of. The boy’s mom, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, 27, has had those tough discussions with him because when Ryan gets arrested, it usually makes the news and she doesn’t want their son hearing about it from anyone else first. “It’s not at all surprising that Maci has revealed to Bentley about his father Ryan’s arrests. Maci has always been really communicative and open with Bentley, and he’s at an age where kids at school talk about what’s going on with his mom and dad because of the show,” a source close to Maci tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“So before anyone can say anything to Bentley at school, Maci likes to get in front of it and let him know herself. It’s her way of protecting him. She wants Bentley to have a good relationship with his father but she knows it isn’t healthy to keep secrets,” our insider continues. Maci is seen crying in the Teen Mom OG 10 year anniversary trailer when she hears of Ryan’s January of 2019 arrest as she says “The anger that’s still there, it’s not about me, it’s about Bentley.” Which meant she had to have another tough conversation with their son.

Ryan has been arrested three times in the past two years. His most recent one came on January 23 for theft of services after he left a Red Bank, TN bar without paying his $36 tab. He was sentenced to remain in jail through November of 2019 but caught a lucky break with an April 15 release where he only ended up spending three months behind bars. He was arrested for heroin possession in July of 2018 and he was also picked up in March of 2018 for violating the terms of his probation. Ryan’s struggles with drugs were well documented on Teen Mom OG, but he quit the show in July of 2018 after completing a stint in rehab.


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