Where has the time gone? Melissa Gorga’s daughter Antonia is only 13 but already looks so grown up and just like her mom’s twin as she headed off to a school dance.

Is this what 13 looks like today? That’s the age of Melissa Gorga‘s daughter Antonia and they looked more like sisters in a new photo the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared. In it Antonia’s wearing a flirty red mini-dress with a deep neckline and straps across the back. In the first of a series of photos Melissa, 40, posted to her Instagram, she’s seen hugging her daughter as she’s off to an 8th grade dance and with their long hair and nearly identical smiles they look like twins. In the next two pics, Antonia models her outfit, which some fans were critical of.

Melissa captioned the June 13 photos, “And just like that she’s off to the 8th grade dance💃🏻😭 I can’t believe she’ll be in high school next year. I’m so proud of the strong, good hearted, athletic young lady she has turned into❤️ #myonlygirl.” Wow, Antonia’s freshman year of high school is right around the corner, it must be such an exciting time for her.

Most fans absolutely loved the photos and couldn’t believe how grown up Antonia looked. “What??!!! She’s only in eighth grade!! She is a beauty like her Mom! Stylish and classy game on fire! 🔥✅💕” one person commented at the pics while another wrote “I wish I looked like that at my eighth grade dance 🤣 Do teenagers today just skip the awkward years?! She’s stunning!”

More people marveled at Antonia but were a little stunned by her less than demure dress. “She’s beautiful but what happened to girls being girls? She is dressed like a woman and not a child of 13? Not criticizing but world moving too fast for the children,” one fan noted while another scolded “Kids are kids for such a small sliver of time and adults want to make them adults and it’s sad. Yes she’s beautiful but that dress is for a 21-year-old at a club not an 8th grade dance.”


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