It’s been a big week for Miley Cyrus, as she’s celebrated the release of her new EP, ‘She Is Coming,’ so we’re celebrating HER as our Instagram Queen of the Week!

Miley Cyrus blessed us with new music on May 31 in the form of her EP, She Is Coming, and leading up to the release, she’s been posting like crazy on Instagram. So, naturally, she’s the perfect pick for our Instagram Queen of the Week! It all started over Memorial Day Weekend, when Miley performed for BBC Radio 1, then shared a bunch of photos and videos of her performance. She looked amazing in a black dress, with a Gucci belt and massive sunglasses. She completed her onstage look with thigh-high boots, as well.

Then, she began a full-on promo for She Is Coming, by posting a sultry video of herself rubbing food down her body and squeezing some into her open mouth. It was pretty sensual, and she captioned it with a series of bright-colored emojis. She also shared the album art for the EP and wrote, “Pre save now! Or live with regret for the rest of your existence!” Don’t worry, she added a wink emoji at the end so fans knew she was just joking around!

After that, came more videos of Miley eating fruit with the juice dripping down her mouth. In one, you could even hear her slurping up the foot into her mouth! Okay, it’s kind of gross, but Miley has always been known to do things a little outside the box, right?!

Soon, she started posting a bunch of professional photos from a photo shoot to continue promoting the EP. In the pics, she wore see-through tights and a bra, putting her toned stomach on full display. There was also a video of her dancing in the sexy ensemble.

Once the EP came out, Miley did a day full of promo, and looked adorable in a denim skirt and crop top for the press events. Of course, she had to share a pic from the event, which featured her laying down on the red carpet, with her toned legs on full display! To cap off album release day, Miley gave another performance, where she wore black leather pants and a crop top. Naturally, there was a pic on Instagram from that, too.


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