Payson Lewis is done feeling underappreciated in a one-sided love affair. The indie-pop singer released ‘Nothing To You,’ and he EXCLUSIVELY tells us the song is a ‘warning’ against being ‘wrapped up’ in someone else’s happiness.

“I just hope ‘Nothing To You’ can serve as some kind of reminder or warning to people,” Payson Lewis tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. The indie-pop singer released his new song on Oct. 11. It’s a swelling anthem for the unappreciated caught up in loveless relationships, one that has Payson declare he would “rather be nothing to you / than half of me.” It’s an emotional banger of a track that comes straight from Payson’s healing heart. “For a relationship to work, it has to be give and take, you can’t be the only one giving over and over again,” he tells HollywoodLife. “In my case, I had gotten so wrapped up in trying to ensure the happiness of someone else that I had lost sight of myself and my own well-being. I was literally fading into someone else. Never gonna let that happen again.”

“No appreciation / no matter what I never meet your expectations,” sings Payson, a universal feeling that anyone – regardless of gender or preference – has experienced in their lifetimes. The track, produced by Ben Soldate and mastered by the Grammy-Award winning Eric Boulanger, is this high-energy track packed full of scornful heartbreak, a perfect companion to Charlie Puth’s “Attention” and Ciara’s “I’m Out” on your “Underappreciated” playlist.

“We’ve all been there. Used up by love,” Payson said in a press release about the new song. “Broken down by the one that was supposed to build us up. We look back, and it’s obvious, but for some reason, we ignored the signs. Brooke Jenkins and I sat down and wrote this song from the scars of a love gone wrong. A love where the only option was to get out before it was too late. Before, there was nothing of myself left.”

James Bianchi @jamesbianchi

“Nothing To You” comes on the heels of Payson ep, Take Me Apart. The Philadelphia-born singer was first introduced to the world through NBC’s The Sing-Off, where he placed fourth. Since then, he’s performed with national symphony orchestras in Taiwan and Korea. He’s appeared on the stage in Chicago and Las Vegas. That’s not all — he’s also popped up on the soundtrack to one or two of your favorite movies and has appeared in your favorite TV shows. He’s had roles in Jane The Virgin, The People Vs. OJ Simpson and on How I Met Your Mother. In 2018, he released his debut record, Take Me Apart. That’s “nothing” to sneeze at.


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