Is Pilar about to become a big sister? Now that Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley are back together, the ‘RHOA’ stars are ‘going right back’ to making another baby!

“I always said, if you’re married, go ahead. Be fruitful. That’s what supposed to do. Have as many kids – and multiply – have as many kids y’all want, that you can afford,” Porsha Williams, 38, said alongside Dennis McKinley, 39, during the Aug. 15 episode of Dish Nation. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star patched things up with Dennis after a brief split, and from the sounds of it, reconciliation has put them in the mood. “I’d like to work on [baby] No. 2 later,” Dennis said. “We’re going right back in.”

The couple just welcomed their first child, daughter Pilar, in March and Porsha made it clear that she wanted a little more time before going through another pregnancy. “My thing is, I, at least, want [Pilar] to be able to sit up on her own,” she said on Dish Nation. “Can she get her head together straight before we bring the other one in?” After Dennis suggested having three, four, or even five kids, Porsha shot that down. “I’m an old horse. I’ve got maybe one more good one in me. It could be twins.”

It appears that this story is going to have a happy ending, after all. Porsha and Dennis split in June, but by the start of August, they were back together. She was even seen wearing her engagement ring again. When asked about her status, the RHOA star told Dish Nation that they were “taking it one day at a time. We working on it.

Dennis “has stepped it up more and more,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife after these two got back together. Porsha gave Dennis another chance because, according to the source, “she knows they have a child together, and it’s in [Pilar’s] best interests….she and Dennis have a lot of love there, and most of her RHOA co-stars have supported her through this.”

So, does this mean that these two are going to walk down the aisle soon? Dennis popped the question in September 2018, and with the 1-year anniversary of their engagement around the corner, will these two stop “family planning” and start “wedding planning?” Nope. Porsha and Dennis are “just taking it slow and one day at the time,” according to the source, which means they’re “not wedding planning or anything like that right now.” Well, except for making a baby. They’re doing that.


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