Rachel Lindsay is gearing up for her big day that’s just around the corner, and she revealed to HL what she’s most excited for & how her invites helped her pull together the wedding!

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay admitted that she never looked past going to the courthouse when it came to planning her wedding day. “I was Carrie Bradshaw!” she laughed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at The Knot Registry House in Southampton. “But really, Mikie, my wedding planner, probably thought I was kidding when I said ‘I don’t know what I want,’ because I didn’t look past the courthouse. I found the guy, that was my job. I don’t know anything outside of that!” However, with the guidance of wedding planner Michael Russo, Rachel and her man, Bryan Abasolo, are surely going to have their perfect wedding day. “The wedding changed direction twice, but once we got the invitations, that’s when everything just set into play,” Michael explained.

“I had no vision, but we actually redid our invitations with Ceci New York, and it was amazing because she had it all laid out. She knew what our venue looked like, she had different fonts laid out. I realized maybe I was a bit more traditional when it came to fonts, and then the colors…” Rachel revealed. “Everything just came together.” Michael added that he “knew where she would land,” but wanted to allow Rachel to “figure it out for herself. While the wedding is an outdoor event in Mexico, the couple decided to call their dress code “Island Chic,” which both Rachel and Michael say the invitations exude. “The colors are greens and champagne,” the former Bachelorette explained. “There’s elegance for sure,” Michael added.

When it comes to the big day itself, Rachel is most excited for one thing: dancing! “I am definitely looking forward to the reception because I love a party and I love to dance!” she exclaimed in the interview. “I remember going to a wedding at 15 and seeing two families come together from different cultures and it all came together on the dance floor.”

She continued, “It’s funny because at a wedding, somebody is sitting on this side, one family is sitting on this side, one family is sitting on this side. So, you can see the difference, but on the dance floor, music just changes everything.” Rachel also teased the beloved Father-Daughter dance, which she said it going to be a bit more upbeat then the “super formal” slow dance. “My dad is very self-conscious about dancing, so I want it to be fun,” she explained. “I want it upbeat because I just want to make him feel comfortable, so our dance will definitely have that vibe to it!”

Photo by Asher Gardner for The Knot

In addition to all of the fun and beautiful things planned around Rachel and Bryan’s wedding day, they’ve also partnered with The Knot for their registry! Their list includes a Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender, Instant Pot Ultra 6-Qt. Electric Pressure Cooker and Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Copper 10-Piece Set, as Rachel vows she’s going to learn to cook for her hubby-to-be. The pair also decided to participate in The Knot’s charity registry program, The Knot Gifts Back, and offer their guests the option to donate to their organization of choice, which happens to be the Alzheimer’s Association.

We can’t wait to see Rachel walk down the aisle on her big day and marry the man of her dreams, Bryan Abasolo!


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