Luann de Lesseps is finally speaking out after her big blowout fight with Bethenny Frankel on the June 12 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’.

Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City witnessed an epic screaming match between Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel during the June 12 episode, and now, Luann is sharing her side of the story. “At this point, I’m dealing with a bunch of gangsters. It’s really Lu against the Motley Crue,” LuAnn explained during the series’ After Show. “They are all after Lu. The family is all at the table… and then Tinsley’s got to chime in, and slurring? Forget it! I don’t want to hear it.”

It was during a group dinner in Miami that Tinsley Mortimer criticized Luann for never checking up on Bethenny, following Dennis Shields‘ death, even though Bethenny helped her get back into rehab just weekend prior. In response to Tinsley speaking up, Luann mocked her for slurring her words. And that set Bethenny off, leading to the Skinnygirl creator accusing Luann of “dining out” on her sobriety.

“I think for Bethenny to say that I dine out on my sobriety, that I use it as a crutch, is really lame and one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever heard in my life. What does Bethenny know about sobriety?” LuAnn wondered. Luann also doesn’t think it was her behavior that set Bethenny off. “I think Bethenny’s got a lot of issues and a lot of anger and a lot of stuff going on in there. It’s not just about me,” LuAnn said. “I think her breakdown had a lot to do with Dennis, with her own anger and her own issues, and her dating and her guilt. There were a lot of things bottled up in that explosion.”

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