Rob Kardashian continued flirting with singer Natti Natasha on Twitter on June 12 by complimenting one of her songs and you better believe she gave him a loving response!

Rob Kardashian, 32, and Natti Natasha, 32, have continued their adorable flirtatious messages to each other on Twitter and their fans can’t get enough! Rob tweeted a sweet message to the gorgeous Dominican singer on June 12 and it didn’t take her long to reply with her own sweet response. After Natti posted a video of her song “Le Mejor Version De Mi” Rob took to the social media site to admit it was a fan. “My favorite song,” his tweet read along with the crying face emoji and devil emoji. “I know,” Natti responded with a heart and arrow emoji.

Fans took notice of the exchange right away and many expressed delight as well as encouragement for them to get together in person. “Have you tried reaching out to her bro?” one fan tweeted to Rob. “I’m living for this!” another fan tweeted. “Y’all would make such a cute couple!” a third fan wrote. Some fans also took the opportunity to tease Rob by asking if he even knew what the song meant since it’s in Spanish.

Rob and Natti started publicly tweeting each other on June 3 when Rob responded to a sexy mirror selfie Natti posted that showed her naked with only her long hair covering her breasts. “Oh hi,” he wrote, clearly indicating she got his attention in a good way. She didn’t hesitate to respond when she reposted one of Rob’s videos that showed his two-year-old daughter Dream telling him she loves him. “Princess… God Bless Her,” Natti wrote with the repost.

We have yet to see if these two will soon become something special to each other, but it’s great to see them showing each other love over social media!


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