Even though Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley are currently vacationing to Disney World together, things are still very tense in their ‘on and off’ relationship, according to a new report.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro are far from fully repairing their volatile relationship. The two did not look happy when cameras caught them heading to Disney World with their daughter, Ariana, 1, on June 12, and now, TMZ reports that tensions are still very high between them. “They didn’t sit together or speak on the flight,” the site reported. TMZ’s source added that the separated seats were simply a result of them booking the trip at the last minute, but that “Ronnie and Jen are far from solid in their relationship.” Their status is very “on and off” at this point, too, according to the outlet.

Things have been extremely up and down in Ronnie and Jen’s relationship since Ariana was born in April 2018. Last summer, Jen was arrested for allegedly dragging Ronnie down the street with her car, although he down-played the situation when opening up about it on Jersey Shore. In Dec. 2018, video footage showed the reality star smashing a security camera outside of Jen’s house, and in May 2019, Jen was arrested for an altercation between the two that went down on New Year’s Eve. During the fight, she allegedly threw an ashtray at Ronnie’s head, and he filed a battery report days later.

After all the drama in 2018, Ronnie revealed that he started out 2019 by completing a month of rehab for depression and alcohol abuse. In recent months, he and Jen have mostly kept their drama off of social media, but he recently insinuated that there was trouble in paradise between them with a cryptic Instagram post.

“Date someone who has plans for the future, not an idiot that plans for the weekend,” Ronnie’s message read. He didn’t name Jen directly, but fans were pretty certain he was referencing her.


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