Sylvester Stallone is throwing Escape Plan 2: Hades under the bus. The first installment in the series was widely praised and included Arnold Schwarzenegger and a pretty awesome premise. The studio enjoyed the success and quickly green lit two more sequels, but the second one didn’t do as well as initially hoped, despite getting a few decent reviews at the time of its release. On the eve of Escape Plan 3‘s release, Stallone is letting his true feelings about Escape Plan 2 out on social media.

Escape Plan 2: Hades was released last year and starred Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista. The few positive reviews from critics were not enough to save the movie. As of this writing, the sequel holds a 9% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes with one review simply stating, “Do not enter.” Now, Stallone isn’t holding back in his assessment of the movie. He explains.

“Here I am with my lifetime friend, and Director, John Herzfeld, who directed the upcoming film Escape Plan 3 – The Extractors! Escape Plan 2 WAS TRULY THE MOST HORRIBLY PRODUCED FILM I have ever had the misfortune to be in…”

Sylvester Stallone has put out some clunkers over the course of his long career, including Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! and Rhinestone, but Escape Plan 2 is, in his opinion, the worst on his resume. That’s really saying something right there. And a quick look through Stallone’s social media responses sees that his fans agree with him. However, there weren’t any problems getting Escape Plan 3 off of the ground. Stallone had this to say.

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“This new film was made in an extraordinarily short amount of time, 17 nights, dusk till dawn, no breaks, we ate while we worked!!!! The Crew were under unbelievable pressure. Proud of them! But I wanted this battle be as realistic as possible. I showed up on the site for the big final fight scene that takes place in a very, very old cell that is 9′ x 7…”

The production of Escape Plan 3 sounds brutal, but Sylvester Stallone was just getting started as he continued to hype the movie. The actor appears to have stepped up his game yet again, promising some unique fight scenes in the movie that he wanted to do without choreography. From what he says, there are some real fights in Escape Plan 3. Stallone explains.

“They had spent all this time choreographing this Martial arts type of combat. I said forget it. Why don’t we go in there and just let it rip. Like a real fight!!!! Nobody does this anymore… NO CUTS! ONE LONG TAKE – No choreography, so you don’t know what’s coming until it hits you. I asked the other actor who has a lot of guts, Devon Sawa, If he was game? I said it’s gonna hurt and he replied, ‘bring it.'”

As Sylvester Stallone says, there’s not a lot of people going in to do fight scenes without choreography these days. The idea of long cuts and single takes should be great for action fans to see. As for when you can see Escape Plan 3, the movie was released in Russia on June 27th, but it will be available digitally and VOD on July 2nd, which is Tuesday. While we wait for the movie to become available, you can read the entirety of Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram post below.


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