Summer Bunni opened up about her feud with Lyrica Anderson in a new interview after looking up with her husband, A1, and she didn’t mince words while brutally insulting her ‘LHHH’ co-star.

Summer Bunni isn’t holding back in her feud with her Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood costar, Lyrica Anderson. Summer, 20, shaded Lyrica, 30, hard during an interview on the The Domenick Nati Show, calling her old, among other insults, and explaining why she thinks Lyrica’s husband, A1 Bentley, 31, hooked up with her. “[Lyrica’s] very scary, she’s very wack, she’s very lame,” Summer said. “If I was her, I’d probably feel like her, too. If I saw this young, beautiful, talented girl who’s scooped up your husband when he’s never said… that situation right there, I didn’t force him to be with me.”

Damn! Summer then went after Lyrica’s looks, and it was brutal. “Lyrica, to her it’s all — she looks like a grandmother,” Summer said, laughing. “It’s just really sad. She’s all like jigsaw face, big teeth… it’s just like, ‘aww grandma!’ I’m over her, I’m over her. It’s enough. Well, actually, who is that? Who are we talking about?” Summer promised we’ll find out how everything went down between herself, Lyrica, and A1 on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She also slammed her other co-stars in the interview by saying that they’re all her “least favorite.” You can listen to Summer’s full radio interview in the video above. It’s wild.

The controversy started when A1 was caught cheating on Lyrica with Summer, which was chronicled on the August 5 season premiere of LHHH. During the episode, Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked told A1 that a woman, later revealed to be Summer, spilled the details on their hookup. A1 denied it, saying that they only worked together. But the truth came out: Jason had video of A1 flirting with Summer over FaceTime. A1 begged Jason not to report it, and wanted to talk to his wife — who was already accusing him of cheating on her. She didn’t know it was with Summer, though! A1 wound up not telling Lyrica; she only found out when Hollywood Unlocked broke the news. Lyrica was obviously furious! There’s a rumor going around that the married couple have separated. They’re not following each other on social media anymore.

At the end of the last LHHH episode, on August 12, Lyrica ran into Summer at a party, and it was clear that something was about to go down. Their confrontation must be what Summer teased would happen on the upcoming episode, and it’s going to be major.


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