Just when we thought Taylor couldn’t top ‘ME!’ or ‘You Need To Calm Down,’ or she dropped a FLAWLESS new song off her ‘Lover’ album.

Surprise, Swifties! Yet another new song from Taylor Swift, 29, has arrived. The pop singer took to Instagram on July 23 to share some exciting news, which included the follow-up to June’s “You Need To Calm Down.” It’s not exactly a new single, as Taylor pointed out to her fans, but it is an emotional song that she wanted to share with the world. And believe it or not, Tay just may have outdone herself with the third song off her forthcoming album because “The Archer” is so good. During the Instagram Live session, Taylor also revealed that she’d be releasing four deluxe versions of her new album, all of which will include 30 different pages from her diaries. That means if you buy all four versions, you’ll get 120 pages from Taylor’s personal diaries. Cool, right? We can hardly wait!

We already knew that the pop star’s new track would be something special seeing as Tay went all out for her first two tunes back on the scene. Not only did tons of celeb pals make cameos in her colorful clip for “You Need To Calm Down,” but Tay enlisted her long-time frenemy Katy Perry for one scene where they hugged it out. Other stars in the music video included Ciara, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Lambert. Of course, Taylor first kicked off her Lover era with “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie back in April of 2019.

With all of the drama surrounding her past discography amid her feud with Scooter Braun, Tay is more excited than ever to welcome a new chapter. “This album in tone is very romantic,” Taylor promised of the forthcoming record. “Not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something. The idea of something being romantic…it doesn’t have to be a happy song.”

Tay’s new record, Lover, is set to hit streaming services on August 23, 2019. We are SO ready for this! For now, take a listen to the singer’s latest song from the forthcoming record above.


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