Is there any couple cuter than T.I. and Tiny? The Xscape singer said that there’s no other place in the world that she’d rather be than in Tip’s arms.

“In his presences, where I feel most safe,” Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 44, captioned her Sept. 16 Instagram post. In the intimate picture, the Xscape singer is cuddled up tight with her man, T.I., 38. With a picture being worth a thousand words, there really isn’t much more for her to say. Through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, Tiny feels her happiest when she has her arms wrapped around her husband. It’s such a simple but utterly sincere display of love.

This picture comes less than two weeks after Tameka and T.I. had a sweet date night at the Black Music Honors in Atlanta. T.I. got all cleaned up, dressing in a very chic striped suit. However, all eyes were on Tiny when she and Tip took their seats at The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. Tiny was dressed in an elegant outfit, one that was embellished with gemstones. Though they were there to celebrate Xscape, as the group won the Urban Music Icon Award for their 25-year career, it was Tiny and Tip who really won the night.

Tiny also made her new hair makeover “red carpet official” at the Black Music Honors. She debuted the new look – a slick, silver sheen – on Instagram just hours before she and Tip attended the event. “OMG @majorgirl you better serve Great Glam tonight,” makeup artist Latasha Wright captioned her IG video of Tiny’s look. Tiny clearly loved the look. She was living her full “Storm from the X-Men” fantasy.

With how often she changes her hair, Tiny might come off as part chameleon, but there’s a bigger plan with her constant makeovers. Every time she changes up her look, it drives T.I. wild. “For Tip mostly everything Tiny does in the looks department is a complete and utter turn on,” a source close to the couple told EXCLUSIVELY after Tiny debuted her long black hair and bangs makeover. “He finds her to be one of the sexiest women in the world. He loves her new look.”

“Even though it will likely be temporary, he is going to make sure she knows how much he likes it by telling her constantly that it turns him on,” the source added. So, after seeing how Tiny loves being so close to her man, it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual.


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