After Tyler Cameron was dumped by Hannah Brown, fans were hoping that he would be the next star of ‘The Bachelor.’ Now, he reveals why he didn’t take the gig — and it may just have something to do with Gigi Hadid!

When The Bachelorette ended in July, there was an initial consensus that Tyler Cameron would be the perfect person to star as the next Bachelor. After all, he was a fan-favorite all season long, and was left heartbroken by Hannah Brown during the Bachelorette finale. It was Peter Weber who was chosen for the role in the end, and Tyler is opening up about why he decided not to go through with it. “It was something we talked about,” Tyler told Entertainment Tonight. “But, where I was at in my life, and the point I was at in my life, it just wasn’t where I wanted to be.”

Tyler explained that his dad had gotten sick again right around the time that casting was in touch with him, which made him “nervous and scared” about being away for a lengthy period of time again. “I sat on it, thought about it, and my heart wasn’t in it,” he concluded. It’s no secret that Tyler was spending a lot of time with Gigi Hadid after The Bachelorette ended, and he added, “You shouldn’t go on the show if you have a girlfriend.”

Of course, this begged the question of whether or not Tyler actually turned down the Bachelor gig because he had a girlfriend, so he clarified, “[Or] if you’re dating somebody or seeing somebody. My heart wasn’t 100 percent there, and that’s something you have to be fully invested in. I was on the other side of it as a contestant, which is a much easier role.”

Interestingly, in the very same interview, Tyler also told ET that he and Gigi are “just friends.” He gushed that the supermodel is an “amazing person,” but confirmed that, for now, they’re just “keeping it friendly.” The comment about this relationship status came as a bit of a surprise to fans, as just weeks before, Tyler had accompanied Gigi to her grandmother’s funeral all the way in the Netherlands! However, Gigi has been incredibly busy while traveling for Fashion Weeks all over Europe recently, so perhaps she and Tyler decided to pump the brakes for a bit until things settle down.

As for The Bachelor’s decision to go with Peter for season 24, Tyler said, “I think Peter’s going to be amazing. I’m excited to watch Peter. He’s got so much joy in that smile, and he’s got that subtle swagger. He’s great. I think he will fall hard for somebody.” The show returns on Jan. 6 on ABC.


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