Wendy Williams has never felt more ‘free’ now that she’s dating! The host is aware that her ex, Kevin Hunter has seen her out and enjoying her new life — and, she’s certainly enjoying that. Wendy’s in the ‘best place’ she’s been in a long time.

Nothing can bring down Wendy Williams‘ spirit now that she’s a single woman! Yes, that’s right — the talk show host, 53, is still single, despite her ongoing fling with her 27-year-old beau, Marc Tomblin. “Wendy Williams is having a lot of fun living and exploring the single life right now,” a source close to the host tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY! “Wendy is so happy to have Marc to keep her spirits up right now. He’s been making a very hard time in her life much easier,” the insider says, noting that despite their recent PDA outings, “she doesn’t call him her boyfriend, she just calls him her friend, although she seems to really like him.”

Now that Wendy’s living in her own apartment in New York City, she’s been able go out more and enjoy things that she hasn’t in a long time with Marc by her side. “When she’s with him she’s able to laugh and have fun and enjoy life. He takes her mind off her divorce and all the drama that has come with it,” the source reveals. Not to mention, it’s been great for the host to experience life with a younger man. “It’s been good for Wendy’s ego and no doubt it will make Kevin jealous. But, this new romance is way more than just a way to make her ex [Kevin Hunter Sr.] jealous. — Marc is helping her feel good again,” the insider explains.

A second source went on to admit that Wendy is “fully aware” that her estranged husband is most likely “paying attention” to her new relationship. However, “she’s not putting too much thought into it, other than the fact that she’s enjoying herself and the luxury of being single,” the second insider says. “She feels free and is so much happier right now in her life. She’s been in the best place, and is truly enjoying relaxing during her hiatus.” The Wendy Williams Show is on a 5-week vacation hiatus until July 8.

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin, her husband of nearly 22 years, on April 10, citing irreconcilable differences. While the legal documents have not yet been finalized, the daytime host has been open about her active dating life. Wendy went public with her romance on June 10 when she shared a photo cozying up to Marc, who she called “very sexy” in a post on Instagram. They reportedly met in LA during her weekend trip to the west coast, where she also spent time with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Jenner.

Since she returned to New York, Wendy has been inseparable with her much younger man. The two have been photographed holding hands on numerous occasions from shopping trips to lavish dinners.


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