Wendy Williams is definitely experiencing a learning curve being single after spending nearly 22 years with her ex, Kevin Hunter. But, she’s loving every second of it! While she’s not rushing anything in life, Wendy is certainly ‘rediscovering herself’ and open to love.

Wendy Williams is in a great place these days, despite going through a series of personal issues throughout 2018 and part of 2019. After news of her divorce with Kevin Hunter in early April, the daytime talk show host has completely turned her life around. Wendy’s now living in a “bachelorette pad” (as she calls it) in New York City, and her social life is booming. “Wendy has a new lease on life and she never imagined how incredible she’d feel after moving on from her marriage to Kevin,” a source close to the host tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. 

“Wendy went through so much this past year, but she realizes it was a learning lesson. And now, she feels like she’s on top of the world again,” the insider says, noting that she feels “unstoppable” and is in the best shape of her life. “Wendy feels incredibly sexy and she’s started getting out there again and dating. She’s enjoying seeing what’s out there and is open to falling in love again,” the source reveals. But, she’s not putting a time table on anything. “It may be sooner than later that she finds someone. For now, she’s having fun rediscovering herself and her feminine power.”

A separate source went on to explain Wendy’s very active social life now that she’s living in New York City and seeing her friends more. “Wendy’s been going out a lot. She has so many friends so there are a lot of outings happening,” the second insider says. “There are also a lot of guys that have been reaching out to her — people she knows that are now in the clear to date her. It’s been great for her ego to realize she’s still a hot commodity.”

Although men have been reaching out to Wendy — and, not to mention, she previously admitted to going out on two dates in one night — she’s moving at her own pace. “Wendy’s looking to have fun right now, so she’s keeping a very open mind. She’s not on a husband hunt… she’s been there, done that,” the second source explains.

As for Wendy’s agenda while she continues to “pleasantly” work through her divorce with her former Wendy Show producer? “She just wants to meet interesting people and she wants to get out there and have good conversations and nice dinners,” the second insider admits. “Wendy wants to enjoy herself. So, if one of her friends wants to set her up, she says yes without asking too many questions because she really just wants to get out there and meet as many people as she can. One thing she hasn’t done yet though is the dating apps. She’s still a little freaked out by that part of being single in 2019.”

Wendy made headlines in March when she revealed on her show that she had been living in a sober home in Queens, New York for addiction. Just weeks after her admission, Wendy served Kevin with divorce documents on April 10, after being married for nearly 22 years. The couple shares on child, a son, Kevin Jr., 19. Since the filing, Wendy has publicly opened up about how she is loving her new single life and said that she is “dating, often.”


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