#ReleaseTheSnyderCut will probably never see the light of day, ever. But Zack Snyder doesn’t want fans to give up hope over his director’s cut of Justice League. The director has been teasing the Snyder Cut for over two years now. Over the past few weeks leading up to the movie’s two-year anniversary from hitting theaters, Snyder started ramping up his posts about his cut. A ton of black and white images began to flood social media and are still doing so now, but DC fans are starting to lose hope after a new report claimed that the release will never happen.

The Snyder Cut fan base is huge and passionate about their love for Zack Snyder and his work within the DCEU. When Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller started sharing Snyder Cut images, fans thought a big announcement was on the way, possibly that Snyder’s Justice League would debut on HBO Max. However, one Warner Bros. insider says it’s not happening and that it never will. One fan reached out to Snyder on social media to say that he was losing hope. The director responded and simply said, “don’t.”

Zack Snyder himself has said that The Snyder Cut of Justice League exists. This is the main thing that fans have been holding on to over the years. However, there are also doubts as to how far a long in the process he was when he left the project. Snyder famously left due to a family tragedy and was replaced by Joss Whedon who took over the reshoots. Danny Elfman was brought on board to replace Junkie XL’s original score and he says that the release would be impossible because it’s simply not done.

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While some of the Snyder Cut fan base is starting to lose hope, there are still many who believe that it will see the light of day. Zack Snyder, as usual, is fueling those beliefs. It seems that Snyder would have to be working on his cut now to prepare it for release and it really does not seem like he is. Plus, getting all of the CGI done would be costly and Warner Bros. more than likely just wants the whole thing to fade away into oblivion.

The fact of the matter is that Warner Bros., along with Zack Snyder, bit off more than they could chew when trying to launch a giant team-up movie. There are a lot of things that Marvel Studios did right when they were crafting the MCU and the main factor was taking their time to flesh out the characters over years and years. Releasing the Snyder Cut may show that the director knew what he was doing the whole time and the studio just botched it, or it may end up proving the same things that the theatrical cut did. You can check out Zack Snyder’s response below, thanks to the Kryptoncodex Twitter account below.

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